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Lava launches customizable smartphone. A game changer?

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Lava has launched four new smartphones in India - Lava Z1, Lava Z2, Lava Z4 and the Lava Z6.

The new smartphones are claimed to be manufactured locally in India, where 60% of the components including the batteries and chargers are manufactured locally, at a domestic facility.

The smartphone brand also brought the Lava My Z, a customizable smartphone that will allow the customers to choose from the available RAM, storage, rear camera, front camera and colour options.

Lava also unveiled the Z Up programme, where the customers can upgrade their Lava smartphones within a year.

The Lava Z1 will be available at ₹ 5499 for the 2GB RAM + 16GB storage variant.

Lava Z1

The Lava Z2 will be available at a price of ₹ 6999 for the 2GB RAM +32GB storage variant.

Lava Z2

Lava Z4 will be available at ₹ 8999 for the 4GB RAM + 64GB storage variant.

Lava Z4

And the top of the line, Lava Z6 will carry a price tag of ₹ 9999 for the 6GB RAM + 64GB storage.

Lava Z6

The Lava MyZ smartphone will be available between the price range of ₹ 6999 and ₹ 10,500, depending on the combinations of customer's choices.

Lava Z1 will go on sale on January 26th with the other smartphones, whereas the first sale of MyZ was on January 11th, with subsequent sale dates to be announced by Lava soon.

The phones will be available for purchase through Amazon, Lava e-store and offline stores across the country.

Lava also unveiled the Befit fitness band and an upgrade programme called “Z Up” that will go live on the January 26th.

What’s special about Lava’s customizable phone?

Well, the Lava customizable smartphone – ‘My Z’ is truly an innovative yet bold step. The Indian brand has become the first smartphone brand to introduce customizable smartphones for customers.

Also, Lava is taking a little unique approach. Firstly, it is focusing only on budget category smartphones. Secondly, it is offering the customers to customize the phone and upgrade them as well.

The move to offer customizable smartphones in the low-budget category is truly a unique step taken by Lava. The smartphone manufacturing company also claims that all these smartphones are completely #MadeInIndia.

The MyZ will let the users to build their own Lava Z series phone by selecting the RAM of their choice, the storage capacity of their choice, the rear and front camera set up of their choice, although these choices will be predefined (which means you have to choose your options from a list) and there will be some specifications which would be standard (processor, battery, display).

How the selection screen on Lava Mobiles' Official Website looks like

What this will do is that it will allow the customers to pay for the specifications they want and not spending on what they don't need. That is, for photography enthusiasts – it’ll be for the camera; for people who multitask – it’ll be more RAM; for people who need more storage – it’ll be more storage.

There is also a Z Up program, which will allow the users of Z2, Z4, Z6 and MyZ phones to upgrade the RAM or storage of their phones within the first year of purchase.

Lava brings the upgradable smartphones at the time when the market is full of competitors with multiple RAM and storage options for the same phone.

But the main point to be noted is that Lava is giving you more control so that you can focus only on one variant, selected by you. So, this would give the customers an idea on what they are looking for, rather than getting confused on multiple pre-sets and putting them all in the market.

So, how will the upgrade work, as it is not so simple?

The company has said that they have put separate individuals for SOC, RAM and ROM, taking advantage of their excellence in designing and manufacturing capabilities. So, RAM and ROM would be physically replaced by the highly trained engineers. They have also done a lot of innovations in software to bring this flexibility by not compromising with the performance.

These innovative steps certainly differentiate Lava from other brands, but these steps also bring challenges to the brand. How the move will impact the brand and its operations will be the main highlight in the coming months.

The challenge also includes the MyZ plan on how shipping and the supply chain will work out to bring all together wherever they needed. What Lava will need to look after is about lasting of the phones.

Lava earlier had gone out of the box to bring new things to customers. For instance, Lava was the first smartphone brand in India to opt Intel chipset for Xolo X900. The Lava Iris X1 was the first phone to run on Android KitKat 4.4.

In 2017, the Lava M14 was the first 4G-enabled smartphone in India.

So, bringing out something new is what Lava has done in the past.

Lava seems to be exploring a lot of new opportunities in the past. The new strategies may not give an instant or immediate effect but it does stand the brand apart from its competitors. It is a novel approach to look at the brand and certainly a selling point for the Indian brand, especially at a time when the Indian smartphone market is shifting its focus on #MadeInIndia products.


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