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Wireless earphones have stopped being a thing affordable by a few, as these days earphones are gradually moving down the price ladder.

Today, as most gadgets have the ability to be connected to one another via Bluetooth or WiFi, wireless earphones have become a necessity.

With an increasing number of smartphone brands slowly getting rid of the 3.5 mm jack in their mobile phones, wireless earphones are what most people like to go for.

Besides, walking around wearing a long tangled wire is just not fashionable anymore and Wireless Neckband Earphones are one of the hottest trends in the accessories world right now.

So in this article, I will talk about the best wireless earphones in India under ₹ 5,000.

  • OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

  • OnePlus Bullets 2

  • Sony WI-XB400

  • JBL Endurance Run BT

  • Philips TAPN402BK

  • Realme Buds Pro ANC

  • boAt Rockers 255 Pro

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

OnePlus, one of the most popular Premium Smartphones brands in the world, manufactures and markets its own accessories.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z is one of the two best wireless earphones by OnePlus.

With a handful of features, the Wireless Z is one of the best wireless earphones to buy under 5k.

The Wireless Z delivers an audio output with perfectly balanced bass and treble. The vocals come out clean and crisp as well!

This earphone comes with AAC support but doesn't have aptX certification, like in OnePlus Bullets 2. There isn't any audio distortion even at maximum volume.

OnePlus claims that the Wireless Z is waterproof and comes with 'Fantastic Mode' which is useful for low latency gaming experience.

The wireless earphone also supports pairing with multiple devices, which can be switched between by a simple double press on the power button.

OnePlus Wireless Z offers up to 20 hours of playback on a single charge. And the device also supports the OnePlus Warp Charge feature which will let you charge the earphone in just 10 minutes and continue listening up to 10 hours.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z is undoubtedly one of the best wireless earphones.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

OnePlus Bullets 2

The next on the list is another OnePlus product, the OnePlus Bullets 2.

The OnePlus Bullets 2 is an aptX certified device, i.e., the earphone can take full advantage of the high bit-rate aptX codec by Qualcomm, to give you great audio experience via Bluetooth.

The audio quality is evenly balanced with proper leveling of bass and treble complementing each other, giving a delightful music experience.

From a design and build point of view, the device feels extremely comfortable to wear. The neckband is light and doesn't feel like it's there. The earpieces are comfortable and there's no discomfort even after long usage.

The One Plus Bullets 2 can last for 12-14 hours of playback on a single charge. The wireless earphone also supports fast charging. OnePlus claims that with just ten minutes of fast charge, you can use the earphone to listen for about 3 hours.

The best thing about this wireless earphone is that instead of the old micro USB charging port, it cones with the new USB type C port.

Sony WI-XB400

Well known for its audio devices, Sony produces some of the best Wireless earphones. The Sony WI-XB400 is one such earphone.

Packed with a 12mm Driver Unit, with a comfortable neckband and magnetic earphones, the XB400 is an allrounder.

The audio quality is perfectly balanced. Sony claims the wireless earphone has Extra Bass which gives a deep punchy sound.

Other features like Voice Assistant compatible button, easy Handsfree Calling, easy Operation buttons etc. can be found on the wireless device.

Sony claims that the XB400 can give upto 15 hours of non-stop playback and supports fast charging with only 10 minutes of charging giving upto 60 minutes of playback time.

From audio quality to build quality and comfort, the Sony WI-XB400 is definitely an allrounder in terms of performance.

JBL Endurance Run BT

JBL is one audio accessories brand that we don't need any introduction to. Popular for its pocket-friendly audio accessories, JBL also manufactures some really great wireless earphones, one of which is the JBL Endurance Run BT.

The Endurance Run BT is the wireless version of the earlier wired model, the Endurance Run.

As the name suggests, the Endurance Run BT is a wireless earphone, designed specially for sports and fitness enthusiasts who like to listen to music while they workout.

The Endurance Run BT comes with IPX5 water and sweat resistance for better outdoor usage, perfectly suited for runners/joggers.

From a design point of view, the wireless earphone has a sleek make and is comfortable to wear, even in situations when your body is moving a lot. The earpieces stay in your ear and are not uncomfortable at all.

The audio quality is superb and gives the signature bass-rich sound of JBL. The earphone has 8mm Driver Units.

In terms of listening experience, the vocals are crispy clean and the signature bass-rich tuning compliments the music.

Since the earpieces are of in-ear design, it perfectly works well with noise cancellation giving users a vibrant listening experience.

Philips TAPN402BK

Being the most popular choice of brand selling a wide range of electronic devices in the Indian market, Philips is automatically included in almost everyone's "Best" list. From kitchen appliances to TVs and other consumer electronic products, Philips offers almost every electronic device - including Wireless Earphones!

One such wireless earphone by Philips is the Philips TAPN402BK. The TAPN402BK is a wireless earphone priced in the under-5k segment.

The Philips TAPN402BK is a combination of robust build quality and a vibrant music listening experience.

From a design point of view, the Phillips TAPN402BK has a minimalist design which gives it a clean, classy and aesthetically pleasing look. I have to say that the earphone does look and feel Premium!

The wireless earphone has a neckband is thick enough to ensure comfortable wear and can withstand excessive pressure without breaking down. The earpieces are comfortable to wear and fit perfectly into the ears and the in-ear design of the pieces doesn't allow external noise to pass through.

The TAPN402BK features a 12.2 mm Driver Unit and delivers a bass-heavy audio output. Despite being a bass-rich wireless earphone, the vocals and high notes are crispy clear and gives a surreal musical experience. It won't be wrong to say that the bassy sound output compliments the treble notes at times.

Moreover, the wireless earphone can play non-stop music for 14 hours on a single charge. It does take about 2 hours to charge the device from 0% to 100%. But, it also supports fast charging. Philips claims that the device can run for almost 2 hours with just 5 minutes of charging.

Realme Buds Pro ANC

The leading smartphones brand, Realme, is currently storming the accessories market in India with its wired and wireless earphones. Being the producer of one the best-selling smartphones in India, Realme is also producing some of the best-selling wireless accessories as well. And one of such accessories is the Realme Buds Pro ANC (Active Noise Cancelling)

The Realme Buds Pro ANC is a wireless earphone that comes with the fashionable neckband. The wireless earphone features a light-weight neckband and comes in two colours - Disco Blue and Party Yellow. From a design point of view, the Buds Pro is definitely the most fashionable product in this list, and perhaps the go-to choice for those who want their accessories to match with their outfits.

The wireless earphone has a 13.6 mm Driver Unit which gives out a bass-heavy audio output. The earphone also features a special chip by Realme called the S1 Chip, which helps in cancelling the external noise completely and give a crystal clear listening experience. The Buds Pro ANC also features an Active Gaming Mode, which Realme claims to give the lowest audio latency.

The earpieces come with magnets and are comfortable to wear. The earphone supports Google Fast Pair and can be paired with multiple devices - which can be switched between pressing the noise reduction button twice. There is also a dedicated Voice Assistant button. The wireless earphone also comes with IPX4 Water Resistance.

Realme claims that the device can run upto 22 hours on a single charge under normal music playback and upto 16 hours when ANC is switched on. The Realme Buds Pro ANC also supports Fast Charging, giving upto 100+ minutes (1.5 hours) of playback with just 5 minutes of fast charging.

boAt Rockers 255 Pro

Another popular brand which rivals brands like Philips, Sony etc. is boAt. boAt is a well-known accessories brand in the Indian electronics market. Whenever someone is thinking of buying a new earphone, the first brand in their lookout is boAt.

The popular brand has been producing some of the best wireless earphones. But the boAt Rockers 255 Pro is probably the best allrounder among them all.

The boAt Rockers 255 Pro is a wireless earphone featuring the neckband design and comes in a wide selection of seven colours. The earphone has a sturdy but stylish built giving a it premium look and feel, with metal housing earpieces. The Rockers 255 Pro comes with IPX5 Water Resistance, making it suitable choice for those who like to listen to music while working out.

The boAt Rockers 255 Pro has a 10 mm driver which gives High Definition audio output with the signature boosted bass of boAt. The sound produced by the boAt Rockerz 255 Pro ensures that you differentiate music from noise and hear your favorite artists the way they were meant to be heard.

The wireless earphone houses a Qualcomm CSR8635 Chipset, which powers the wide range of functions that the boAt Rockers 255 Pro can perform. The earphone supports instant Voice Assistant, for both Siri and Google Assistant.

The boAt Rockers 255 Pro supports fast charging and as the company claims, it can charge from 0% to 100% in under 60 minutes and can last for 6 hours under normal playback. The device can standby for 150 hours (i.e., when it is not used).

Overall, the Rockers 255 Pro by boAt is a great wireless earphone with a premium design that people would definitely love. Being the cheapest wireless earphone on this list, the boAt Rockers 255 Pro provides a lot of features.


This list of Best Wireless Earphones under ₹ 5000 features products which are the best choices in the market right now. We have gone through several products and out of all those wireless earphones these were the best. The products have been listed in this article based on first hand experience, user-reviews and what long-time users had to say about it. To make it easier for you to choose your next wireless earphone, you may go for any of the following wireless earphones based on your budget.

We will keep updating this list in the future whenever we find new wireless earphones that are worth your money.

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