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Best Internet in Guwahati [September 2020] | Assam

Updated on 18-09-2020

Because of this year's lockdown, people of Assam have experienced relatively slower internet speed than what we used to experience earlier. Most of the telecommunication companies providing service in Assam have done their best to maintain their service and to meet the customer’s demands, even so people have complained about their mobile data connection to be unreliable and slow. And if not anyone, the Mobile Gaming community has particularly been angered by the slow internet speed and “extremely high pings”.

At times like this, one can only realise the importance of investing in a reliable internet connection. Be it to upload your next office presentation, attend online classes, watch YouTube or anything, everyone needs a fast internet connectivity. So, in a city like Guwahati, what are your options? Which is the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) in town? Who has the most reliable customer service program? To answer all this, we have compiled a list of ISPs in Guwahati and reviewed their service based on long-time users’ opinion.

Jio Fiber

When it comes to fast Internet connectivity, one can hardly overlook Reliance Jio’s latest Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) service Jio Fiber. Already available in 29 cities, Jio Fiber is the fastest growing broadband FTTH. In Guwahati, the registration for Jio Fiber started in 2019, and the ISP has covered almost all the parts of the city.

Registration Fee – For registration, you will have to pay a One Time Payment of ₹2,500 which includes a security deposit (₹1500) and a non-refundable installation charge (₹1000).

Plans Jio Fiber is currently offering a 30 Days Free Trial where you can use the service for the first 30 Days for absolutely zero plan charges, and if you are not satisfied with it, you may cancel the connection (No questions asked). And if you choose to keep the connection, you don't have to pay for the first 30 Days.

Jio Fiber has one of the most affordable tariff plans. There are seven plans, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Diamond+, Platinum and Titanium(Full detail of the plans can be viewed here.

Tested Internet Speed of Jio Fiber

To test the service of Jio Fiber, we chose the Silver and the Gold plans since these two are the most sought after plans in the market.

Silver Plan –

Claimed Speed: 100 mbps

Actual Download Speed: 14 mbps

Upload Speed: 5 mbps

Ping (Latency): 58 ms

Gold Plan –

Claimed Speed: 150 mbps

Actual Download Speed: 44 mbps

Upload Speed: 24 mbps

Ping (Latency): 24 ms

ProsAffordable Plans, Lots of benefits, OTT Subscriptions (Hotstar, SONYLIV, ZEE5 etc.), good for Mobile Gaming, Good customer service

ConsCompetitors provide higher speed at the same price or lower. Upload Speed is capped for each plan.

M-Net Fiber Fast

If you’re a long-time resident of Guwahati, you must’ve heard the name “M-net” a lot. You’ll basically find their hotspot all around town, as M-net is one of the oldest ISPs in Guwahati.

Registration/Installation Fee – Varies from time to time.

Plan - You can check the plans offered by M-Net Fiber Fast by clicking here

Tested Internet Speed of M-Net

To test the service of M-Net, we chose the cheapest plan, i.e., the Cosmic Plan worth ₹999/month.

Claimed Speed: 10 mbps (day), 20 mbps (night)

Actual Download Speed: 1.2 - 1.4 mbps

Upload Speed: 1.1 – 1.2 mbps

Ping (Latency): 42 ms

Pros Plans with unlimited data, Constant speed.

Cons Expensive, Slower than what is claimed, poor customer service

Railwire Express Network

The next competitor in our list is Railwire Express Network, a project of RailTel Corporation of India Ltd., which is a PSU of Government of India. Railwire is a joint venture with MSOs to provide Voice, Video and Multimedia access on a single wire at a customer's home or office.

Installations Fees and Plans - You can find out the tariff plans of Railwire Express Network and the detailed installation charges by click here (choose Assam in the drop-down menu).

Tested Internet Speed of Railwire

To test the service of Railwire, we chose the most reasonable plan the plan worth ₹899/month which provides 750 GB at a speed of 50 mbps.

Claimed Speed: 50 mbps

Actual Download Speed: 48 mbps

Upload Speed: 47-48 mbps

Ping (Latency): 27 ms

Pros Faster than competitors, Affordable Plans with reasonable pricing, Reliable connectivity, Bang for buck, Great customer service, Data Add-ons at Cheaper rates.

Cons Slightly expensive installation charges, competitors like Jio has cheaper plans with more benefits.


SiqesNet is one of the prominent names of the ISP business in Guwahati, and are well known for their wireless and FTTH broadband services in Assam.

Installations Fees and Plans - You can check the plans offered by SiqesNet by clicking here.

Tested Internet Speed of SiqesNet

To test the service of SiqesNet, we chose the most reasonable plan worth ₹1500/month which provides 140 GB at a speed of 40 mbps, i.e., Silver B Plan.

Claimed Speed: 40 mbps

Actual Download Speed: 22 mbps

Upload Speed: 35 mbps

Ping (Latency): 100 ms

Pros Affordable Corporate Plans with unlimited data, constant speed, bang for buck.

Cons Higher latency, Not good for gamers, customer service can be better

BSNL Bharat Fiber (BSNL FTTH)

We can’t forget the largest PSU of Government of India when it comes to telecommunication services. Keep in mind that the BSNL Bharat Fiber is a totally different project of BSNL and is not to be confused with the typically slow BSNL Broadband. The BSNL FTTH or Bharat Fiber is a new project of the state-owned company which aims at providing fast fiber internet connectivity, keeping the company in tune with the other big telecom companies.

Installations Fees – ₹4500 and upwards (depends upon length of optic fiber wire)

Plans - You can check the plans offered by SiqesNet by clicking here (choose Assam in the drop down menu).

Tested Internet Speed of BSNL Bharat Fiber

To test the service of BSNL Bharat Fiber, we chose the most reasonable plan worth ₹749/month which provides 300 GB data at a speed of 50 mbps, i.e., BSNL Bharat Fiber SuperStar 300 Plan.

Claimed Speed: 50 mbps

Actual Download Speed: 45 mbps

Upload Speed: 62 mbps

Ping (Latency): 50 ms

Pros Affordable Plans, constant speed, great for gaming, you get what you pay for, reliable than most competitors.

Cons Slightly expensive installation charges, repairs (if required) might take long, customer service is handled by separate entity.


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