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5 Reasons Why Guwahatians Love Cafés

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India used to be a country for tea drinkers, despite being the world's 6th greatest coffee producer. Coffee drew its first breath in the Indian subcontinent from 1400 AD, but during the British dominance period, only the rich and privileged consumed coffee, not the masses. However, in independent India, the West’s most-loved drink turned into a household name with its typical smell spreading to every part of the country. With time, the nation’s taste for coffee continued to develop.

As global coffee trade entered Indian metropolises, the coffee culture increased dramatically in the country. However, it's not that coffee is something new in India. Since 1876, in cities like Calcutta (Kolkata), prospering Coffee Houses or Shops have been seen. But today, the introduction of Global coffee chains changed the notion of coffee houses in the India, with air-conditioned spaces and fancy ambience.

According to a report of 2019 by market researcher Euromonitor International, India is the 10th largest market for specialist coffee and tea retail chains, valued at ₹ 2,570 crores in 2018. The Café Chain market of India is also one of the fastest growing categories in the consumer food service industry, estimated to grow 6.9% a year by 2023.

For the past few years, coffee culture has seemed to spread in Guwahati. The rapid development of high-quality malls and commercial complexes in Guwahati are helping the coffee chains to increase their mark in the city and on the other, a sudden shift in Guwahatian consumers' demand for high-end brands is providing the much-needed impetus for people's new hangout zones. Also, the rapid urbanization and increase in disposable earnings of people are creating an advantageous environment for the coffee culture to hit in Guwahati.

Cafés are new boost places in Guwahati, as numerous cafés are seen in the entire city, be it in large scale or small. And that's because millennials love cafes, which can be seen in most of the Instagram feeds. Yes, it can be seen in the Instagram feeds of the influencers of Guwahati that they spend most of their time in the plush and aesthetically pleasing cafes. Hence, the cafés and the coffee culture is highly adding to the lifestyle of Guwahatians.

But do you think that people's love for coffee is what makes the café business so hype? No, it's not just about being a coffee lover that is growing coffee culture and adding cafés to the people's lifestyle.

That brings me to present you the five reasons why people of Guwahati love to visit cafes and how cafes are making their way into their lifestyles.

1. You want a "Third Place"

Sociologist Ray Oldenburg once said that, "people crave for a third place", a place where they can spend time between home (the first place) and work (the second place). The cafes act as that exact third place for the people.

In an average week, people intend to go somewhere apart from their workplace and home. There's a point where they crave for a third-place to interact, to pass the time or to relax. Gyms, salons, malls, parks are some examples of third place. But it's the cafes that come at the top if you compare it with any other third places. A café provides most of the best facilities to a person to chill, relax or pass the time. Don't you think?

2. You are getting food too!

Coffee shops were meant for coffee and little food items that match with a cup of coffee. But nowadays, the cafes are more than that. You will get a variation in the menu of a café. In the world where everyone is rushing, it becomes favourable for people as they get breakfast, lunch and dinner along with coffee, all in a coffee shop. What else do you need?

3. You get a creative space

If you are into creative stuff, the café can be the place where your best ideas manifest onto a sheet. As a moderate level of ambient noise is conducive to creative cognition. Yes, sometimes being alone in a room doesn't help in the creative field. The noise and actions of the crowd somehow can stimulate the brain's creativity level. And it's not just that, there’s something about the smell and energy of a coffee shop too that gets your creative juices to pour and a café has it all. You somehow manage to drag out sipping a single cappuccino or espresso for around two hours so they don’t ask you to leave. Don't you?

4. Go-to for Hangouts and Reunions

If you ever think of a meeting or a reunion with friends or colleagues in Guwahati. You have no other options other than the cafés. Meetings and reunions are all about sitting and talking and the cafés of Guwahati are constructed in that exact manner where one can sit and talk only, including enjoying tasty food and strong coffee. Isn't that perfect?

5. You get the best pictures

If you are ever all dressed up and want to go out in Guwahati and want a good picture, it's mostly the cafés that help you to get that nice and perfect picture. Cafés now are not just about having a few chairs and tables. It's beyond that. It's about lighting, photo frames, creative walls, cushions, books and more. A cafe's interior is a canvas for an interior designer to display their creativity. And another fact about the café culture of Guwahati is that the interiors of the cafés are one of prime factors that makes people to visit them. And of course, a fancy and cosy background with good lighting makes a picture look great. Wouldn't you agree?

Aesthetically pleasing cafés are opened one after another in Guwahati. Don't be late to explore them with your friends and loved ones. Concluding with some of the lit cafes you can visit in Guwahati.


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