Blogger Assam began with an ambition to create a healthy environment for the netizens of Assam beyond the spheres of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. 

Amidst the growing trends and challenges of the "Online world", Blogger Assam intends to be a platform which not only promotes "Modern Thought" but also preserves the "Assamese Traditionalism".

Blogger Assam has four sections divided into four main pages covering four objectives.

Blogs, Jobs, Reviews and Tutorials.


We love blogs. Blogs, being the fastest and the most interactive mode on the internet, we aim at building a community of bloggers from Assam.


We aim to bring to you notifications of the latest jobs available. We concentrate on both Private as well as Public sector jobs.


Can't decide which product to choose? We, at Blogger Assam perform extensive tests and review various products, ranging from smartphones, laptops, accessories and even services available in Assam


Want to learn how to learn something you don't know for free? From simple everyday DIY tasks to complex job like web development, Blogger Assam will assist you to do all those things.